The ATN Consultants have a proper setup with experienced team of architects, engineers and interior designers to give the best results in all prospects of clients’ requirements, Clients benefits and giving world class service and satisfaction to the clients. We use reasonable and customary care in applications of ou pfrofessional skill.


Concept Statement This document is an extension to the more marketing-related Concept Statement in the Initial Investigation. Here, however, there is more of a technical bias with detailed attention to safety, security, hygiene and user-comfort. Included also are sections on staffing, programming (of activities) and specialist equipment requirements.

Area Programme The Area Programme forms the first step in producing flow charts and "bubble" diagrams to indicate which facilities and services will be made available to users. The Area Programme lists each component and the minimum area (square meterage) requirement of these components. The Area Programme serves as both a Checklist and a detailed planning tool for the Architect and Interior Designer.

Conceptional Design ATN provides detailed guidelines on issues such as load & basic supporting requirement to various agencies appointed by owner. the relationship between certain areas, floor & required depressions, ceiling height space allocations , special design issues for example, mechanical and electrical requirements, initial staffing for design purpose safety issue etc to be highlighted.

Design Layout ATN Consultants will assist the architect, Interior Designer and appointed Consultants in the creation of a sensible, comfortable and operationally concept layout that encompasses the Initial Concept Design according to Area Programme. Based on the conceptional plan ATN will provide the cost effected budget cost & submitted to the owner.

Service support document Based on the final concept ATN will develop all services drawing related to drainage, civil, plumbing electrical, HVAC, Gas etc. These drawing to be float to architect, Interior designer & various services consultants to develop shop drawing for the same.

Site Meetings A senior representative from ATN will attend site meetings chaired by the Owner or owners’ representative and/or Project Manager as required to give them support & better solution demanded from site.

Preparation of Specification ATN Consultants will prepare a detailed list of equipment & specification for the Owners' consideration based on the Concept design and Operational requirement. In principle, this involves providing assistance, checking and recommending specifications on all recommended brands. A comprehensive report on each space is provided with recommended vendors to give support to the owners & do cost effected negotiation with various vendors

Construction Progress Reviews As construction commences, unique site problems inevitably arise. The ATN Consultants will liaise with the Design Team and contractors to resolve these problems & give the right solution to work zero effected services problems during installation.